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Improve your life with a tablet

Convenience is undoubtedly one of the features that we would like to be part of our daily lives wherever we go, and tablets are the perfect option to achieve it.

With almost the same features as a traditional desktop or laptop computer, a tablet is the alternative that gives us manageability and practicality that makes our lives easier, giving us the opportunity to access our favorite and everyday applications and platforms from a much larger place. Lighter, portable, small, and simple devices, with incredible operating systems such as  Android or  Windows, among which you can choose.

You can use them to watch your favorite series or TV shows, or to kill time while waiting for the train. After the first use, it will become indispensable for you.

Is a tablet a good fit for me?

If your budget is not too high and your main goal is to make your life easier and be able to perform various tasks in easier and faster ways, don't think twice and buy a tablet.

These types of laptops are highly recommended among students, and among people who usually make many business trips but need to carry their files and digital applications with them, since they are easy devices to move from one place to another in the most practical way you can imagine. If you meet any of the characteristics mentioned above, consider buying a tablet, it will be a more than beneficial decision for you.

Tablet Computers FAQs

Tablet computer batteries are designed to offer us a wide range of time with which we can carry out various activities and tasks throughout the day or take it with us to different destinations without worrying that it will run out of charge. Although this sometimes tends to be variable, the average battery time is 6 hours in constant use, or up to 30 hours with little use.

With the help of a portable and detachable keyboard, a tablet can easily perform the tasks of a mini laptop, as it is ideal for browsing the internet and doing simple work, and by incorporating a stylus, its versatility increases to the point where it is a perfect alternative for the development of works such as graphic design in design software such as Photoshop.

To choose a good screen for a tablet, we must consider the pixel density, the type of screen and, of course, the resolution.

The main types of screens are LCD and AMOLED, however, high-end tablets often come with AMOLED screens. LCDs are thin, light and have low refresh rate flicker, while AMOLEDs emit light directly thanks to their active-matrix light emitting diodes, thus giving much higher contrast ratios.

The memory range that they usually have, goes from 8GB to 16GB in storage at the low end and, up to 128GB at the high end. However, many of these tablets have SD card readers that allow you to expand the storage capacity as you please.

The tablet market has more operating systems (OS) than the smartphone or laptop market. In addition to iOS and Android, there's Amazon Fire OS and Microsoft Windows. Each OS has benefits and drawbacks. The key is to look at how you will use it to determine which OS best suits your needs.

Windows may be best if you want it to be like a traditional PC. Still, this may have issues. Media watching, and gaming are probably best served by iOS, though iPads tend to be pricier. If you want a more open platform with better multitasking, Android might be the best choice. Beyond the OS, you should also consider the types and number of applications available for each platform.

In tablets we will find a greater variety of operating systems than in laptops or smartphones, because in addition to Android and iOS, there are Amazon Fire OS and Microsoft Windows.

To make the right choice, you need to know what each of them is best for. For example, Windows is perfect for your tablet to look more like a traditional PC, on the other hand, for more entertainment purposes such as games or movies and series, iOS offers us better performance and quality, although the cost of iPads is higher. And finally, Android will be the best option if we want a platform with better multitasking.

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