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Before making the purchase of any type of computer, we must remember that the first thing we must consider is the use that we are going to give it, or at least the one that is most relevant, since that will always determine which components and characteristics suit us.

If the use of the computer will be very basic, it will not be necessary to insist so much that it meets very specific characteristics, but rather if you want a high performance, you will have to equip it with a good Memory RAM, CPUs & Processors, etc.

But, when the intention is to adapt it to a computer for professional or gaming use, our needs change a bit, here, in an almost mandatory way, the ideal is that you look for the best performance in Motherboards, RAM, Power Supplies and Video Graphics Cards

Which are the correct components for my needs?

Like all the decisions we must make about choosing a new purchase in technology, to know which components to look at, we must first define the use that we are going to give our computer.

Here we leave you a small guide that you can take as a reference according to your needs:

For tasks or jobs where the use of basic applications and browsers predominates: Memory, CPUs, and an operating system that makes you more comfortable and easier to use.

For editing images, videos or audiovisual works: RAM of at least of 16GB, a video graphics cards of 4GB VRAM and a high-performance CPU with at least quad-core.

Gaming: Video graphics cards of 4GB VRAM for almost all the games and 6GB or 8GB VRAM for AAA Games, SSD Memory of at least 1TB, and a high-performance CPU.

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